Monday, March 29, 2010

How to Draw: Saly

It is time to learn to draw the great monster Saly! Saly is happy all the time. Her favorite color is pink. She likes ham. She is smart. She likes to play tennis and she is 7 and a half  years old, and gorgeous. A special thanks to Charlotte G. from Utah for creating Saly!

As usual, to view this monster drawing lesson as a pdf, click here.

This is a rather easy drawing lesson,
If you can draw these shapes,

you can draw Saly.

Step 1: Draw Saly's head by creating a large U and adding a circle on top of it.

Step 2: Draw big curves for her ears.

Step 3: Draw her face with two circles and one half circle.

Step 4: Draw triangles for Saly's teeth and curves for the inside of her ears.

Step 5: Use two straight lines to create her legs.

Step 6: Use a straight line to make the bottom of Saly's feet. Then make a curve from her leg around to the bottom of the shoe.

Step 7: Draw the extras on her legs and feet with straight lines to make her socks and shoes.

Step 8: Use lines to create Saly's arms.

Step 9: Use a circle and a curve to make her hand for holding her racket.

Step 10: Draw a ball and a curve to make Saly's hand and her tennis ball.

Step 11:  Use circles and lines to create her tennis racket.

Step 12: Add the extras and color Saly!

Have fun! Can't wait to see your drawings!


  1. she plays tennis, right? so cute!

  2. Yes, she loves to play tennis! She is so small, it may be tough for her, but she loves a good challenge!

  3. And I luv how the green and pink go together, almost like a mix of two colors forming one. Because so many people think green is a "boy color" and pink is a "girl color" but putting them together, they can't say that this monster is a "girl monster" or a "boy monster". It's the perfect combination.