Monday, September 27, 2010

How to Draw: Confetti

Today's drawing lesson is Confetti! Confetti loves birthday parties. He always brings the best gifts! He is most famous for lighting all the candles on the cake with his fiery breath. He wears the best party hats too! He sounds like a great monster to have around! Thanks, Francesca B. from California for this fun monster!

Step 1: Draw Confetti's bean-shaped body.

Step 2: Add lines for his legs.

Step 3: Draw lines for his arms.

Step 4: Add in his tufts of fur on his arms and feet.

Step 5: Draw Confetti's hands.

Step 6: Create claws for his feet by drawing some curvy triangles.

Step 7: Confetti always has a present in hand!

Step 8: Draw Confetti's head and neck.

Step 9: Three circles make up his eyes.

Step 10: Draw the fun party hat with any design you would like.

Step 11: Add in the fire that he uses to light birthday candles.

Step 12: Lightly draw curvy lines on Confetti's neck and head. If you want a different design, feel free to draw it lightly now.

Step 13: Color and add in fun details!

Have fun with this monster! He is quite the party animal! I can't wait to see what your version of Confetti looks like!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to Draw: Skerey

This week's drawing lesson is Skerey, not scary though! Skerey can fly up. When Skerey flies up the monsters can see high. She can see everything in Murb. She is not mean. Skerey can give other monsters a ride because she is nice. Thanks, Lauren S. from Virginia, for this great monster!

How to Draw: Skerey PDF

Step 1: Draw Skerey's eyes with circles and squiggles.

Step 2: Add in her cute smile and two teeth.

Step 3:  Draw a shaggy frame around her face for her hair and chin.

Step 4: Add in Skerey's wild hair by adding in long shaggy lines.

Step 5: Two lines and two small circles make up Skerey's antennae.

Step 6: Add a cute bow to her hair.

Step 7: Draw Skerey's shirt.

Step 8: Draw the sides of her skirt.

Step 9: With little lines, draw in the rest of the pleats in her skirt. These lines can look like "L"s.

Step 10: Draw in Skerey's arms.

Step 11: Add two little curves for her hands.

Step 12: Draw the outline for her legs and feet.

Step 13: Using 4 curves and one straight line, draw Skerey's shoe tops and socks.

Step 14: Add in Skerey's tail.

Step 15: Lightly draw in the designs for Skerey's skirt and socks. Draw lines going sideways first for her skirt, then add in the lines going up and down. To make the pattern on her socks, just make 3 X's going down each sock.

Step 16: Add in the final details and then color your Skerey.

Monday, September 13, 2010

How to Draw: Sleeper

This week's monster comes to us all the way from Galway, Ireland! Here comes Sleeper! Sleeper is very shy and likes to sleep under the bed. He has baggy eyes because he is very sleepy. He has a torch (flashlight) and he sneaks around at night with this torch. Thanks, Paddy C. for this great monster!

How to Draw: Sleeper PDF

Step 1: Draw an oval for Sleeper's head.

Step 2: Draw two thick lines with circles on top for his antennae. They look like lollipops on his head!

Step 3: Two curves from the side of his head make the beginning of Sleeper's ears.

Step 4: Inside those ears, make some semi-circles.

Step 5: Connect those semi-circles to Sleeper's head and outer ear to complete his ears.

Step 6: Draw his sleepy smile and cute nose.

Step 7: Draw his eyes and eyebrows.

Step 8: Sleeper is pretty tall, so draw his long arms with some long, slightly curved lines.

Step 9: Sleeper's jacket can be completed with a few more curved lines. His jacket should be a bit longer than his arms.

Step 10: Draw straight lines down from his jacket to start his legs. Add in a belt.

Step 11: Draw an upside down U for the inside of his legs and then add in the bottom of his pants.

Step 12: From the bottom of Sleeper's pants, add in his long feet with a few curved lines.

Step 13: Draw Sleeper's hands. His right hand can be made mostly out of ovals for the fingers.

Step 14: Add in Sleeper's torch.

Step 15: Sleeper's outfit has a lot of fun patterns. Lightly sketch the pattern for his jacket here. You can make it match this sleeper or you can design your own fun pattern.

Step 16: Now, drawing lightly, design your Sleeper's pants. Circles are always fun to draw!

Step 17: Color Sleeper! I can't wait to see what your sleeper looks like! Have fun with him!