Monday, October 25, 2010

How to Draw: Glorious Gracie

This week's monster drawing lesson is going to teach you how to draw Glorious Gracie! This lesson is a long one, but it is worth it to draw this happy, helpful monster! Glorious Gracie is a stylish monster. She loves to wear fancy clothing and shiny earrings. Glorious Gracie also has a crown that glows in the dark. It is fantastic because it helps her memorize her spelling words and math facts. Glorious Gracie is always happy. You will love her because her happiness is contagious! Thanks to Georgia B. from California for this stylish, happy monster!

How to Draw: Glorious Gracie PDF

 Step 1: Draw Gracie's special crown with straight lines, curved lines, and a diamond.

Step 2: With more curved lines, draw the top of Gracie's hair.

 Step 3: Draw Gracie's face shape.

 Step 4: Using circles, draw Gracie's eye. Then draw a curve for her mouth.

 Step 5: Finish her mouth by drawing the lips.

 Step 6: Draw Glorious Gracie's neck.

Step 7: Draw her dress. Straight lines can be drawn from her neck. Then add in long curved lines for the side of the dress. Then connect the lines by drawing a curved line across the bottom of the dress. Finally, draw an additional line for her bodice.

Step 8: Draw 6 straight lines from the bottom of her dress. These will be the beginning of her legs.

 Step 9: Add straight lines to start her feet.

 Step 10: Each foot has three little curves. Gracie has feet like a duck!

 Step 11: Draw Glorious Gracie's arm.

 Step 12: Using straight lines, you can draw her other arm, that is bent, and her hand on her hip.

 Step 13: Draw one of Gracie's earrings by drawing a circle first on her ear. Then add a straight line going down. After that, add a rectangle, a diamond, and a circle to finish up her earring.

 Step 14: Draw the same type of earring on her other ear.

 Step 15: Add fun circles to her dress to make it spotted!

 Step 16: Add an extra layer of curves on Gracie's feet like she painted her toes.

Step 17: Now, add in her long hair. You can make it as fun and crazy as you would like!

Step 18: Color and have fun with Glorious Gracie!

Monday, October 18, 2010

How to Draw: Swirlee

cartoons, drawing, drawing lesson, fun4thebrain, kids, lessons, monsters, Murb, pdf, ZuzuThis week's monster is Swirlee! Swirlee likes to help monsters in the town of Murb. He is 8 years old. He is a plumber. He cleans out the drain and cleans out the sewer. Alex K. from Virginia came up with this great monster who will be seen soon around the town of Murb!

How to Draw Swirlee PDF

 Step 1: Start Swirlee's body by making a curve like this.

 Step 2: Continue making the curve curl around a few more times.

 Step 3: Keep making the spiral until you feel that it is enough for Swirlee's body.

 Step 4: Now make two lines going up for his neck and make the top and bottom of his head.

 Step 5: Make Swirlee's mouth by drawing a wiggly oval.

 Step 6: Now draw a circle for his nose and draw the front of his head with a curve.

Step 7: Draw Swirlee's eye and then add some spiked hair on top of his head.

Step 8: Color Swirlee! Have fun with your Swirlee!

Monday, October 11, 2010

How to Draw: Zuzu

Let me introduce you to a wonderful monster named Zuzu.  Zuzu loves to play. He lives in the forest under the bed. He really wants to be in Murb because he would be nice, gentle, and fair. His vision is black and red and his favorite colors are blue and red. Thanks, Makalyn F. from Texas for this great addition to Murb!

How to Draw: Zuzu PDF Version


 Step 1: Draw the oval shape of Zuzu's head.

 Step 2: Add in his antennae with some squiggly lines and a circle.

 Step 3: Draw Zuzu's funny face with one big eye and a squiggly mouth with three teeth.

Step 4: Add in Zuzu's neck and body.

 Step 5: Draw a circle for Zuzu's belly.

 Step 6: Use straight lines to make his arms, then add three curved lines on the ends for his hands.

 Step 7: Zuzu has a squiggly tail!

 Step 8: Carefully draw Zuzu's spring with curved lines.

Step 9: Lightly draw in the different shapes that you want to have on Zuzu's body. He has lots of colors and shapes around him.

Step 10: Draw in Zuzu's eye.

Step 11: Finish coloring Zuzu and have fun!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

How To Draw: Cleaner

This week's monster is Cleaner! Cleaner likes to clean everything in your house that is dirty. He's a sponge, so he likes to clean a lot. He is very cool, because he has no ears at all. He has to work and he gives all the monsters ice cream. Thanks, Alyssa M. from Virginia for this fun and helpful monster!

Step 1: With a bunch of curves, draw Cleaner's head.

Step 2: With more curves, draw Cleaner's leg.

Step 3: Draw Cleaner's other leg.

Step 4: Now, with more curves, draw his shaggy feet.

Step 5: Now with some curves, circles, and one straight line, draw Cleaner's happy face.

Step 6: By now, you should be really good at drawing curves. Use more curves for his arm.

Step 7: Now adding more curves, draw Cleaner's hand.

Step 8: Draw Cleaner's other arm.

Step 9: Cleaner's other hand can be drawn with more curves.

Step 10: Lightly draw curves to show the areas of the coloring for Cleaner's face.

Step 11: Lightly draw in more lines for the rainbow sections of his head.

Step 12: Add in the fun details and then color Cleaner!