Monday, May 31, 2010

How to Draw: Ferris!

This week's monster drawing lesson is FERRIS! Ferris is a goofy monster. She loves to go to carnivals so she can eat cotton candy and ice cream. She also likes winning goldfish! Her favorite ride is the ferris wheel. All the other monsters love her because she acts so silly. Ferris always says, 'Hey you goofballs, let's go ride the ferris wheel.' When you meet Ferris, you will love her too!

Thanks to Ashley M. from California for this fun-loving monster!

How to Draw: Ferris PDF

  Step 1: Draw two circles to represent Ferris' main body.

 Step 2: Draw an X across the middle of the circle. Then draw another X going in the opposite direction.

 Step 3: Draw 4 more lines that cut each section in half.

 Step 4: Create her eyes by drawing 7 circles at the top of the circle. Then add 4 little eyelashes to each eye.

 Step 5: Using straight lines, draw Ferris' legs and feet. Two straight lines for each leg, and then two more lines for the top of her foot.

 Step 6: Using a bunch of small curves, draw the bottom of her feet.

 Step 7: Draw triangles for her teeth and then add her arms. Little lines and balls make up her fingers.

Step 8: Color and have fun!

Monday, May 24, 2010

How to Draw: Lily the Light Monster

This great monster came all the way from Galway, Ireland from Honor C. Lily the Light Monster likes lollipops and lemons. Her favorite color is yellow. She also likes dark places to shine her lights! She also likes to swim! Thanks Honor!

How to Draw Lily the Light Monster PDF

Step 1: Draw an egg shaped head. Make the egg a little extra long at the top. This will be the start of Lily's head.

Step 2: Add in an extra swoop and a circle to make her light. The extra lines will show that it is shining.

Step 3: Add in two small lines for her neck.

Step 4: Now it is time for her face. Three circles make up her eye and then an oval with whiskers makes up her nose!

Step 5: Lily has a wide smile with two small triangular teeth that show on either side.

Step 6: To draw Lily's nightgown, create a small curve for the neck and then long straight lines for the rest of it.

Step 7: Add on a ruffle by making a wavy line under the bottom of the nightgown. Then add in the start of her slippers.

Step 8: To make her slippers, create a curved line for the top of the slipper and a straight line for the bottom. Then make them meet at a point. Add a little light to the point, and you have her slippers!

Step 9: Make two curved lines and some more ruffles for her bent arm.

Step 10: For her straight arm, make one long line and then add the ruffles at the wrist.

Step 11: Draw three fingers on her hand by making three long curves that connect to the ruffles.

Step 12: Create three crooked curves to make her other hand.

Step 13: Color. Honor made Lily with a spotted gown and striped slippers. You can make any type of gown that you would like! Have fun!

Monday, May 17, 2010

How to Draw: Joady

It is time for our next monster drawing lesson, and this week's monster is JOADY! Joady is 13 years old and loves to play outside. Her favorite color is orange. Her last name is Overup. Her favorite number is 3. Thanks to Brooklyn S. of Utah for this cute little gal!

How to Draw: Joady PDF

Step 1: Draw two rounded squares for Joady's head.... looks like a TV screen.

Step 2: Draw a rounded triangle for her body. Of course, the rest of the triangle is behind her head, so you cannot see it.

Step 3: Draw two eyes that look like a p and a q.

Step 4: Draw a straight lined U for her mouth. This looks like a sideways bracket ([).

Step 5: Draw lines for her arms coming out of her side.

Step 6: Using straight lines create her hands. Make tiny C's but with straight lines.

Step 7: More lines make up her antennae.

Step 8: Add circles to finish her antennae.

Step 9: Draw two more circles for her feet so she can get around easily.

Step 10: Color and have fun!

Great Job! Joady is simple enough that you could draw her almost anywhere! I can't wait to see some of your drawings!

Monday, May 10, 2010

How to Draw: Teith!

Murb's latest drawing lesson is TEITH!  Teith has a lot of teeth and he has a big eyeball and he has curves and a lot of spots all over him. With his teeth he can open cans for Chubz in the kitchen. Thank you, Makenzie from Virginia, for this cool monster! I have a feeling we will be seeing him in a game very soon!

Step 1: Lightly draw Teith's basic shape. You will be drawing over these lines with fur in later steps.

Step 2: Lightly add the shape of his eyebrow.

Step 3: Add fur on the right side of Teith's body.

Step 4: Now add the hair on the left.

Step 5: Make the hair for his feet hand down.

Step 6: Add bushy hair onto his eyebrow by making zig zags that go in different directions.

Step 7: Draw two circle for Teith's eye.

Step 8: Using two curves, make a large open smile. He has a lot of teeth to fit into that mouth, so make sure it is big enough.

Step 9: Draw triangles to create his first layer of teeth.

Step 10: To add in Teith's extra layers of teeth, draw two rows of triangles behind your first ones.

Step 11: Color in the base colors for Teith. He has an orange body with a green eye and eyebrow.

Step 12: Add in the extra color effects for Teith's coat hair. He has some pieces of green fur and fun green dots around the top of his head.

I am sure you will do a great job drawing Teith!