Monday, June 28, 2010

How to Draw: Sasha

How to Draw lessons are back, and this week's lesson is SASHA! Sasha likes to get food from the monster store. She shares the food with the monster families. Ella M. from Accra, Ghana has come up with a cute, helpful monster! Thanks, Ella!

How to Draw Sasha as PDF

Step 1: Draw Sasha's head with an oval and two straight lines for her neck.

Step 2: Use two small curves for her ponytail holders. Using straight lines, you can make the bangs of her hair.

Step 3: Using curves and circles, make her eyes and eyebrows.

Step 4: Draw a cute smile for Sasha. Then, add her nose with two dots and two small lines.

Step 5: Draw a large oval for Sasha's body.

Step 6: Each of Sasha's wings is made of three small curves.

Step 7: Draw Sasha's legs with straight lines and a small curve.

Step 8: Here is a tricky step, drawing Sasha's shoe. Start with a large curve for the toe. Then, connect that to her leg with a straight line at the top. Draw a line from the back of her leg and then curve that around to connect with the first curve.

Step 9: This foot is partially hidden, so just draw the lines you see.

Step 10: Using several small curves, make the outside of Sasha's braid.

Step 11: Continue using the small curves to make the inside of that braid. Then do the same for the other braid.

Step 12: Color Sasha! Enjoy this fun and helpful monster!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Monsters Are Missing!

There will not be a How To Draw lesson this week. The monsters have gone on vacation and were not available for the lesson creation. The How to Draw lessons will return next Monday.

Monday, June 14, 2010

How to Draw: Bubbles

Are you ready for another monster drawing lesson? Well, here he is... BUBBLES! Bubbles is a very entertaining monster. He loves to chew bubble gum and blow bubbles. He blows bubbles all morning, afternoon, and night. Bubbles also collects yo-yos. Bubbles is an incredible monster! Thanks go to Ambria B. from California for this cute, and multi-talented monster!

How to Draw: Bubbles PDF

Step 1: Draw Bubbles' head. He has a round head with a flat bottom, three yes and a bubble coming out of his mouth. His hair can be drawn using little squiggles.

Step 2: Draw two straight lines going down and then connect them with a curve at the bottom. This is the middle of his body, so make it as tall as you want him to be.

Step 3: Create a wiggly line for each side of his body. Add in little lines to show that it is wiggly.

Step 4: Add four straight lines for the tops of Bubbles' legs.

Step 5: Now to add his feet. Make a straight line for the bottom of his feet, then add a curve to the top. His feet are not very large, but you can make yours bigger if you want.

Step 6: Bubbles has a skateboard! This can be drawn by making an oval under his feet. Then add another layer of the oval to make it look like a thin board.

Step 7: Add two wheels onto the board by drawing two circles for each wheel.

Step 8: Bubbles has four arms. So draw some lines coming from his body that will be the beginning of his arms.

Step 9: To draw Bubbles' hand, start with a curve coming up from the bottom line of one of his arms. Then, draw his finger sticking out from there and a line to connect that to the top line of his arm.

Step 10: Repeat step 9 for each of his arms, so now he has 4 hands!

Step 11: Add in the yo-yos! Each yo-yo is a circle and is attached to a string that goes to his fingers. Since Bubbles is moving on his skateboard, the yo-yos are blowing in the breeze a bit.

Step 12: Color Bubbles!

Have fun drawing your own versions of Bubbles! What if he liked roller skates instead of skateboarding? What if he liked to play with bouncy balls instead of yo-yos? What would he look like then?

Monday, June 7, 2010

How to Draw: Squish!

It is time for another fun monster drawing lesson! This week's monster is Squish who came to us from Eayahna R. from Texas! Thanks Eayahna! 

Squish is a funny looking monster because he is really big and squishy. He has a lot of friends all over the town of Murb.

How to Draw: Squish - PDF

Step 1: Draw a circle a Squish's head.

Step 2: Draw 8 squiggles with circles on the ends for his hair.

Step 3: Add in the shapes of his face.

Step 4: Fill in his eyes and some lines for his happy smile!

Step 5: Draw a big circle for his body.

Step 6: Using straight lines, draw his arms.

Step 7: Now draw his hands with many small U-shaped curves.

Step 8: Draw four circles for his wheels. Connect them with a squiggly line.

Step 9: Add more squiggly lines for his body.

Step 10: Color your Squish.