Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fun4theBrain - In the Works - September Edition

Wow! The beginning few weeks of school have gone by like a flash of lightening. I can't believe we are about to start the last week of September already! It is already time to start thinking about Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. But, before we get all caught up in the holiday fun, let me get you caught up on what has been happening around here.

In the last month, two polls have been taken to allow you to choose which school and which library would be in the next game. Those have been chosen and created and so have a great bunch of monster cars. This new game Monster Car Wash is going to be so much fun. We have had ideas of all sorts of things, from having a monster lick the car clean to having the whole thing done with one monster. In the end, I wanted to try to get as many monsters into this game as possible, but still showcasing each monster. So, each monster in this game will have a specific task to help with the car wash. It is going to be so much fun.

I believe this game will have longer game play than many of the other games in Murb. But, hopefully, that will keep your interest and allow you to have even more fun! Get ready, Monster Car Wash should be ready to play by the middle of October!!

Wanna check out some of the monster cars created for this game.....