Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to Draw: Flibber Jibber

This week's monster drawing lesson is FLIBBER JIBBER! The Flibber Jibber is really a pencil with arms and legs. He is very helpful to children in school who need to do their work. In this picture, the Flibber Jibber looks mad. Though he is rarely in a bad mood, he hates having his picture taken. He wants to be a pen when he grows up!

Thanks to Katie W. of West Virginia for this great monster!

How to Draw: Flibber Jibber - PDF

Step 1: Draw a flat bottomed circle to make Flibber's cap.

Step 2: Use a curve to make the bill of his hat.

Step 3: Draw a semi-circle for the hole in the back of the cap.

Step 4: Draw the top of Flibber's head by making a triangle and then adding some jagged lines to show where the pencil lead would be.

Step 5: Use lines to start Flibber's body.

Step 6: Draw a jagged line to separate the top of the pencil from the yellow.

Step 7: Use two lines to make the side of Flibber Jibber's body.

Step 8:  To draw the metal part on the pencil, draw two wavy lines on the side. Add curved lines on the top and the bottom.

Step 9: To draw Flibber's eraser, draw two lines for the side, and a curve along the bottom. Then add in curves for the teeth marks.

Step 10: Draw Flibber Jibber's face. Two circles make up his eyes, then curved lines for his eyebrows, nose and mouth.

Step 11: Draw his legs using lines.

Step 12: Draw his feet with curves and straight lines.

Step 13: Use curved lines to make Flibber's arms.

Step 14: Finish his arms by adding more curved lines.

Step 15: Lightly draw straight lines for coloring to show the lines of the pencil.

Step 16: Color and have fun!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

How to Draw: Edison

If you played last week's new game, Phonz's Photo Palace, then you got to meet Edison. Now you can draw him! Edison is good for Murb because he helps children who are scared of the dark. He also has a part time job as the flash at the photography studio! Thanks Jonathan S. from New York for creating this bright monster!

How to Draw: Edison - PDF

Step 1: Draw a circle for Edison's head.


Step 2: Draw the bottom of Edison's lightbulb head.

Step 3: A square will make up his basic shirt.

Step 4: Using straight lines, make his arms.

Step 5: Add another curve to the top of the shirt.

Step 6: Using two curves connected, draw his hand. Repeat on the other side.

Step 7: More straight lines make Edison's pants.

Step 8: Add in the separation of his legs.

Step 9: Draw his shoes by making a long curve from his pants and then a straight line on the bottom of the shoe.

Step 10: Add a flattened circle for his hat.

Step 11: Add a curve for the bill of Edison's hat.

Step 12: Draw his eyes and nose.

Step 13: Add Edison's mouth with a straight line and a curve. Add in another line and some tiny lines for his teeth.

Step 14: Color Edison!

Great Job! Have fun drawing Edison and be sure to visit him in his new math game Phonz's Photo Palace!

Monday, April 12, 2010

How to Draw: Lollipop

This week's monster drawing lesson is LOLLIPOP! Lollipop loves to eat lollipops and eats one each day. Lollipop owns the town candy store in Murb. She likes to read and go on walks when she is not working at the store. Her best friend is Pickles!

Have fun drawing this swirly fun monster! Thanks Kayla C. from Arizona for this fabulous monster!

Lollipop Drawing Lesson PDF

If you draw these shapes...

Then you can draw Lollipop.

Step 1: Draw Lollipop's face by drawing circles for her eys and nose. Then draw two curved lines for her mouth.

Step 2: Draw a large circle for her body.

Step 3: Add in an eyebrow and teeth.

Step 4: Put 4 circles atop her head for her hair.

Step 5: Four lines make up her legs.

Step 6: Using a semicircle and straight lines, you can make her shoes.

Step 7: Draw one of her arms with two straight lines, a circle and a little U.

Step 8: Draw Lollipop's lollipop with a circle and the stick.

Step 9: Draw her other arm by making two curved lines and the top of a heart for her hand.

Step 10: Add the extra swirls and stripes onto her hair, nose, and lollipop.

Step11: Color Lollipop!

Hope you enjoy drawing Lollipop! Can't wait to see some of your artwork!

Monday, April 5, 2010

How to Draw: Fifi

This week's drawing lesson is Fifi! Considering the current excitement over dragons and the fact that it was Easter weekend, I figured Fifi was an awesome monster to draw!

Fifi is a bunny dragon. She has fire for her hair on her head and tail. Her favorite foods are buffalo wings and carrots. Her bear's name is Keke. Thanks to Heather Kay D. from Texas for this great monster!

How to Draw Fifi PDF

If you can draw these shapes,

Then you can draw Fifi.

Step 1: Draw Fifi's head by drawing a circle.

Step 2: Make a straight line then a hook at the end.

Step 3: Draw a large curve for her other ear.

Step 4: Draw a smaller curve for the inside of her other ear.

Step 5: Draw the flames on her head by drawing a small flame, then a larger one, and then an even large one. Keep the smaller flames drawn lightly.

Step 6: With two big circles, maker her eyes. Put small curved lines on for her eye lashes.

Step 7: Use a triangle for her nose. Then add two curved lines for her smile.

Step 8: Draw two triangles for her teeth and a curve for the bottom of her mouth.

Step 9: Make Fifi's body with three lines, two for the sides, and one for the bottom.

Step 10: Draw her sleeves by making a slightly curved line going down and then a straight line on the bottom.

Step 11: Using small curves, draw her hands and fingers.

Step 12: Use small circles to make Keke, her bear.

Step 13: Create a design on her shirt. You can make this any design you want.

Step 14: Draw 4 straight lines to begin her pants.

Step 15: Using more curved lines, make the cuffs of her pants.

Step 16: Draw her feet by making two straight lines and then three curves for each foot.

Step 17: Making curved triangles, draw her claws.

Step 18: Make Fifi's tail with two long curved lines.

Step 19: A big zig zag line makes her dragon tail.

Step 20: Just like the hair of Fifi's head, make fire at the end of her tail.

Color and add any extras you want.