Monday, April 5, 2010

How to Draw: Fifi

This week's drawing lesson is Fifi! Considering the current excitement over dragons and the fact that it was Easter weekend, I figured Fifi was an awesome monster to draw!

Fifi is a bunny dragon. She has fire for her hair on her head and tail. Her favorite foods are buffalo wings and carrots. Her bear's name is Keke. Thanks to Heather Kay D. from Texas for this great monster!

How to Draw Fifi PDF

If you can draw these shapes,

Then you can draw Fifi.

Step 1: Draw Fifi's head by drawing a circle.

Step 2: Make a straight line then a hook at the end.

Step 3: Draw a large curve for her other ear.

Step 4: Draw a smaller curve for the inside of her other ear.

Step 5: Draw the flames on her head by drawing a small flame, then a larger one, and then an even large one. Keep the smaller flames drawn lightly.

Step 6: With two big circles, maker her eyes. Put small curved lines on for her eye lashes.

Step 7: Use a triangle for her nose. Then add two curved lines for her smile.

Step 8: Draw two triangles for her teeth and a curve for the bottom of her mouth.

Step 9: Make Fifi's body with three lines, two for the sides, and one for the bottom.

Step 10: Draw her sleeves by making a slightly curved line going down and then a straight line on the bottom.

Step 11: Using small curves, draw her hands and fingers.

Step 12: Use small circles to make Keke, her bear.

Step 13: Create a design on her shirt. You can make this any design you want.

Step 14: Draw 4 straight lines to begin her pants.

Step 15: Using more curved lines, make the cuffs of her pants.

Step 16: Draw her feet by making two straight lines and then three curves for each foot.

Step 17: Making curved triangles, draw her claws.

Step 18: Make Fifi's tail with two long curved lines.

Step 19: A big zig zag line makes her dragon tail.

Step 20: Just like the hair of Fifi's head, make fire at the end of her tail.

Color and add any extras you want.