Sunday, March 31, 2013

Here Comes the Boom Movie Review

by Derek
- 17 year old male

Every now and then a movie comes along that hits on all levels. "Here Comes the Boom" delivers exactly what the title promises, a movie that packs a punch.

Here comes the boom tells the story of Scott Voss(Kevin James) , a middle-aged teacher who used take his job seriously, but now has fragmented into the role of a teacher that just doesn't care. This seems to be the case with every teacher except one, Marty Streb (Henry Winkler). Marty is the music teacher at the school, but he is over come with grief when the school announces their plans to cut the music budget due to insufficient school funds. When all hope seems lost, and when Marty's unemployment seemed imminent, Scott Voss steps up to the plate. In order to keep music class in the school budget, he needs to raise $48,000.

Later, Scott goes to a friend's house to watch an MMA match. When one of the competitors loses, Scott finds out that he made ten grand for the loss. Scott then decides that he will compete in a series of MMA fights to raise the money to save the music class. Plenty of tender moments of hilarity ensue; but what do you expect when Kevin James and Henry Winkler get together.

The major moral theme in this movie is setting an example by being a leader. Scott takes it upon himself to help a friend that is in trouble; even if that means going out of his comfort zone to do so.

Content wise this movie isn't like most. It's hard to find quality entertainment for the whole family, but this picture certainly has what it takes. The only thing that isn't exactly family friendly in this film would be the fight scenes. While they are considered violence, there are no guns, explosives, or kid violence at all.

Fun4theBrain Ratings
Approved for all 12+
Drugs and Alcohol: 1/10
       beer and wine consumed but not to excess
Sex and Nudity: 2/10
       one kiss on cheek, one kiss through cage, and one image of an obviously naked made who is completely covered by a musical instrument
Violence: 4/10
       several fight scenes, some with blood, all taking place in a structured environment
Language: 2/10
      OG/OMG - 2, H - 2, A - 2