Sunday, March 14, 2010

How to Draw: Pickles

Get ready to draw Pickles! This is a fairly simple drawing lesson, so have some fun with it!  Pickles loves to garden! She grows all sorts of vegetables and especially cucumbers to make her pickles with. Pickles is often caught with a smile on her face and giggles. Her best friend is Lollipop. Thanks, Shae C. from Arizona, for this great monster! I am sure she will be a great help around Murb!

To view the PDF, click here.

If you can draw these shapes,

then you can draw Pickles.

Step 1: Draw a triangle with rounded corners for Pickles' body.

Step 2: Draw lines for her arms.

Step 3: Use lines to draw the tops of her legs.

Step 4: Draw small curves for the fingers on Pickles' hands. Then add a curved line on her palm.

Step 5: Draw her feet.

Step 6: Draw three curved lines out of the top of Pickles' head, then add circles to the end of the lines for her hair.

Step 7: Draw circles for her eyes. Create a small curve to add an eyelid onto her eye.

Step 8: Add in the extras of the eyes by creating eye lashes and an eybrow.

Step 9: Draw a straight line for the top of her mouth. Then draw a large curve for the bottom of her smile.

Step 10: Two small curves can create Pickles' top lip.

Step 11: Add in two small teeth and a bottom lip.

Step 12: Color and complete.