Sunday, March 21, 2010

How To Draw: Cookies!

It is time to learn to draw Cookies - not the yummy snacks,  but a fun monster! Cookies is a playful monster. She likes to ride on her scooter all afternoon. She has a pet frog named Hoppy. Cookie plays with Hoppy and her friends every day. Most of all, Cookies likes to eat cookies. She is a nice and super monster. A special thanks to Ryan A. from California for creating Cookies!

To view the directions as a PDF, click here.

If you can draw these shapes,

you can draw Cookies.

Step 1: Draw Cookies' head. Start with a circle for the head. Then add two smaller circles with dots in the center. Add antennae by drawing a curvy line with dots at the end.

Step 2: Draw squiggly lines for her body with a straight line along the bottom.

Step 3: Use half circles and straight lines to make Cookies' two feet.

Step 4: Draw lines for her arms.

Step 5: Make curves for for his hands. Try to make them look as if Cookies is wearing mittens.

Step 6: Draw the cookie and scooter handle in her hands.

Step 7: Use two straight lines to create the scooter bar.

Step 8: Make an oval for Cookies' scooter board.

Step 9: Circles and dots make the scooter wheels.

Step 10: Lightly draw lines going across her squiggly body. If you don't want her body to be striped, you can make it spotted, solid, or whatever design you would like.

Step 11: Color your design on her body.

Step 12: Draw her face and color Cookies. Have fun!


  1. Is he carrying a cookie in his right hand??
    I LUV IT!! :)

  2. Cookies is soo cute!

  3. cookies is cute but he is my 2nd and my 1st FAVORITE IS JOADY and my 3rd is flibber jibber.LOVE, GYMNASTIC SUPERSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!