Sunday, October 3, 2010

How To Draw: Cleaner

This week's monster is Cleaner! Cleaner likes to clean everything in your house that is dirty. He's a sponge, so he likes to clean a lot. He is very cool, because he has no ears at all. He has to work and he gives all the monsters ice cream. Thanks, Alyssa M. from Virginia for this fun and helpful monster!

Step 1: With a bunch of curves, draw Cleaner's head.

Step 2: With more curves, draw Cleaner's leg.

Step 3: Draw Cleaner's other leg.

Step 4: Now, with more curves, draw his shaggy feet.

Step 5: Now with some curves, circles, and one straight line, draw Cleaner's happy face.

Step 6: By now, you should be really good at drawing curves. Use more curves for his arm.

Step 7: Now adding more curves, draw Cleaner's hand.

Step 8: Draw Cleaner's other arm.

Step 9: Cleaner's other hand can be drawn with more curves.

Step 10: Lightly draw curves to show the areas of the coloring for Cleaner's face.

Step 11: Lightly draw in more lines for the rainbow sections of his head.

Step 12: Add in the fun details and then color Cleaner!


  1. hoa do jah make 1 of these? (thats noob language) how do you make one of these? how do u send it in?

  2. like it so much I go on youtube and type in fun to draw.