Monday, September 27, 2010

How to Draw: Confetti

Today's drawing lesson is Confetti! Confetti loves birthday parties. He always brings the best gifts! He is most famous for lighting all the candles on the cake with his fiery breath. He wears the best party hats too! He sounds like a great monster to have around! Thanks, Francesca B. from California for this fun monster!

Step 1: Draw Confetti's bean-shaped body.

Step 2: Add lines for his legs.

Step 3: Draw lines for his arms.

Step 4: Add in his tufts of fur on his arms and feet.

Step 5: Draw Confetti's hands.

Step 6: Create claws for his feet by drawing some curvy triangles.

Step 7: Confetti always has a present in hand!

Step 8: Draw Confetti's head and neck.

Step 9: Three circles make up his eyes.

Step 10: Draw the fun party hat with any design you would like.

Step 11: Add in the fire that he uses to light birthday candles.

Step 12: Lightly draw curvy lines on Confetti's neck and head. If you want a different design, feel free to draw it lightly now.

Step 13: Color and add in fun details!

Have fun with this monster! He is quite the party animal! I can't wait to see what your version of Confetti looks like!


  1. i got a monster and its name is swamps

  2. I got a monster and its name is Flora.

  3. hahaha this is funny!!

  4. This dragon, Confetti, was my #8 picture in my collection of all the Murb drawings. I love dinosaurs and big reptiles like dragons. I also really love birthday parties, and I also like The Fun 4 The Brain Site where you can click 'just for fun' and you can just play the fun games. Thank you for creating this Murb characters. By; Kenny Nace