Monday, October 11, 2010

How to Draw: Zuzu

Let me introduce you to a wonderful monster named Zuzu.  Zuzu loves to play. He lives in the forest under the bed. He really wants to be in Murb because he would be nice, gentle, and fair. His vision is black and red and his favorite colors are blue and red. Thanks, Makalyn F. from Texas for this great addition to Murb!

How to Draw: Zuzu PDF Version


 Step 1: Draw the oval shape of Zuzu's head.

 Step 2: Add in his antennae with some squiggly lines and a circle.

 Step 3: Draw Zuzu's funny face with one big eye and a squiggly mouth with three teeth.

Step 4: Add in Zuzu's neck and body.

 Step 5: Draw a circle for Zuzu's belly.

 Step 6: Use straight lines to make his arms, then add three curved lines on the ends for his hands.

 Step 7: Zuzu has a squiggly tail!

 Step 8: Carefully draw Zuzu's spring with curved lines.

Step 9: Lightly draw in the different shapes that you want to have on Zuzu's body. He has lots of colors and shapes around him.

Step 10: Draw in Zuzu's eye.

Step 11: Finish coloring Zuzu and have fun!!


  1. WOW! this one is hard looking but i never drew it before but do not forget Natasha O I like the monsters you putted they are so AWSOME!you make it look so impressive and hard looking to!

    To:Natasha O

  2. Gosh! this was hard but i did it. thanks for showing me how to do it! keep up the nice work...

  3. Great job, you two! I am sure you did a great job on this monster. If you break it down into small enough pieces, almost anything can be fun and easy to draw! I would love to see your drawings.You can send them to me by putting them in an email to shout at!