Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to Draw: Jon

So, here we are again at the beginning of September! From here to December I will be doing my best to give you a weekly monster drawing lesson. This week, Jon is the monster we will be drawing. Dillon C. sent in this great monster who is full of character.

Jon is very scared. He likes to fly but he is scared of heights. He has wings, but he keeps a parachute on his back. He has nine eyes. He likes to eat apples. Thanks Dillon C., for sending in Jon!

How to Draw: Jon PDF version

Step 1: Draw the shape of Jon's head and neck.

Step 2: Add his round body.

Step 3: Draw two long pointy ears on his head.

Step 4: Add in Jon's legs and feet. For the side angle, draw the legs first, then the bottom of the foot. Then connect the two with a curve for the top of his foot.

Step 5: Use lines to show Jon's six arms.

Step 6: Draw six cute hands with four fingers each. Add in a little curve under the fingers to show his palm.

Step 7: Draw the beginning of Jon's cool wings with a straight line up from his back and then a curved line.

Step 8: Add the rest of the curves to make up Jon's wings.

Step 9: Using a straight line, make the top of Jon's mouth. Using curves add in his teeth and nose.

Step 10: Add in Jon's eyes and the bottom of his mouth. Remember, Jon has NINE (9) eyes!

Step 11: Lightly draw in your designs for his body and wings. You do not need to make them look the same as this one. This monster comes with all sorts of options for designs!

Step 12: Color Jon's body and wings. Be as creative as you would like with this step!

Step 13: Now, add in Jon's black spots and you have finished your Jon! Send me an email with some of your drawings. I would love to see them!


  1. dear, person that drew this i think you are a great drawer and artest i like all of the blent and colers i relly like blue and black so i love your animal

  2. Dilion we really love your monster!!!! Great drawing! Jon is really cool

  3. I liked all the colors. Could you please share some more monsters on this blog?