Sunday, April 18, 2010

How to Draw: Edison

If you played last week's new game, Phonz's Photo Palace, then you got to meet Edison. Now you can draw him! Edison is good for Murb because he helps children who are scared of the dark. He also has a part time job as the flash at the photography studio! Thanks Jonathan S. from New York for creating this bright monster!

How to Draw: Edison - PDF

Step 1: Draw a circle for Edison's head.


Step 2: Draw the bottom of Edison's lightbulb head.

Step 3: A square will make up his basic shirt.

Step 4: Using straight lines, make his arms.

Step 5: Add another curve to the top of the shirt.

Step 6: Using two curves connected, draw his hand. Repeat on the other side.

Step 7: More straight lines make Edison's pants.

Step 8: Add in the separation of his legs.

Step 9: Draw his shoes by making a long curve from his pants and then a straight line on the bottom of the shoe.

Step 10: Add a flattened circle for his hat.

Step 11: Add a curve for the bill of Edison's hat.

Step 12: Draw his eyes and nose.

Step 13: Add Edison's mouth with a straight line and a curve. Add in another line and some tiny lines for his teeth.

Step 14: Color Edison!

Great Job! Have fun drawing Edison and be sure to visit him in his new math game Phonz's Photo Palace!


  1. I think this site is a great influence on kids learning their math facts. It shows that math is more than one present- it is a package with learning AND fun!!

  2. I am so glad you are enjoying the site. I hope to reach more children with the site so they can all have fun and learn at the same time! I am trying to make it so math is not everyone's least favorite subject!

  3. I struggle in math a bit, but I think that with this site's help, I'll be able to NEVER FAIL A TEST AGAIN!!
    Thank you, Natasha O.

  4. What most people don't realize is that math is great- you just need to adjust to it a little, you know, adapt to the concept of it, and it can and will be really fun!!

  5. Yeah, this site is definitely a great help to me, and hopefully to many other people. Thanks once again, Natasha O.

  6. MATH IS RAD... I'm not kidding!!! :)