Monday, May 24, 2010

How to Draw: Lily the Light Monster

This great monster came all the way from Galway, Ireland from Honor C. Lily the Light Monster likes lollipops and lemons. Her favorite color is yellow. She also likes dark places to shine her lights! She also likes to swim! Thanks Honor!

How to Draw Lily the Light Monster PDF

Step 1: Draw an egg shaped head. Make the egg a little extra long at the top. This will be the start of Lily's head.

Step 2: Add in an extra swoop and a circle to make her light. The extra lines will show that it is shining.

Step 3: Add in two small lines for her neck.

Step 4: Now it is time for her face. Three circles make up her eye and then an oval with whiskers makes up her nose!

Step 5: Lily has a wide smile with two small triangular teeth that show on either side.

Step 6: To draw Lily's nightgown, create a small curve for the neck and then long straight lines for the rest of it.

Step 7: Add on a ruffle by making a wavy line under the bottom of the nightgown. Then add in the start of her slippers.

Step 8: To make her slippers, create a curved line for the top of the slipper and a straight line for the bottom. Then make them meet at a point. Add a little light to the point, and you have her slippers!

Step 9: Make two curved lines and some more ruffles for her bent arm.

Step 10: For her straight arm, make one long line and then add the ruffles at the wrist.

Step 11: Draw three fingers on her hand by making three long curves that connect to the ruffles.

Step 12: Create three crooked curves to make her other hand.

Step 13: Color. Honor made Lily with a spotted gown and striped slippers. You can make any type of gown that you would like! Have fun!

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