Monday, May 17, 2010

How to Draw: Joady

It is time for our next monster drawing lesson, and this week's monster is JOADY! Joady is 13 years old and loves to play outside. Her favorite color is orange. Her last name is Overup. Her favorite number is 3. Thanks to Brooklyn S. of Utah for this cute little gal!

How to Draw: Joady PDF

Step 1: Draw two rounded squares for Joady's head.... looks like a TV screen.

Step 2: Draw a rounded triangle for her body. Of course, the rest of the triangle is behind her head, so you cannot see it.

Step 3: Draw two eyes that look like a p and a q.

Step 4: Draw a straight lined U for her mouth. This looks like a sideways bracket ([).

Step 5: Draw lines for her arms coming out of her side.

Step 6: Using straight lines create her hands. Make tiny C's but with straight lines.

Step 7: More lines make up her antennae.

Step 8: Add circles to finish her antennae.

Step 9: Draw two more circles for her feet so she can get around easily.

Step 10: Color and have fun!

Great Job! Joady is simple enough that you could draw her almost anywhere! I can't wait to see some of your drawings!


  1. this one is my favorite monster! i do not like how you draw it i love it!

  2. I love to draw this because its fun and easy to draw it also looks like its real on my paper

  3. Wow! Joady is like a fave monster of mine like def.