Monday, February 22, 2010

How to Draw: Zany!

It is time for the next drawing lesson from Murb! Today we are going to be learning how to draw Zany! Zany is very sweet and loves gummymallows (Murb marshmallows). Her best friends are Zizi and Zuna. She is part slug and part rabbit. She gets along well with everyone and everyone likes to hang out at her house. A special thanks to Makala P. from Texas for this creative monster!

Zany is a little bit harder to draw than some of the other monsters we have done so far. She is curvy and has lots of fur. So, it make take a few tries to get her right. Don't be discouraged... keep drawing! Once you learn how to make fur and curves, you can make some more crazy, furry monsters!

As usual, if you want to print out this lesson as a pdf, click here.

Now, let's draw Zany!!

If you can draw these shapes:

then you can draw Zany.

Step 1:  Lightly draw a circle for Zany's head. This is going to be covered in fur, so do not press very hard when making this circle. That way it will be a lighter line.

Step 2:  Lightly draw Zany's tail by making some curvy lines that meet at the end.


Step 3:  Draw shaggy lines over your sketch to make Zany's furry body. This may take some practice. These should be small shaggy lines, not large pointy ones.

Step 4:  Start with a small circle and then make a spiral outwards for Zany's nose. Do your best, any fun shape will do!

Step 5: Finish Zany's face with eyes and a happy smile! Don't forget her teeth!

Step 6:  Draw some furry ears on her head.

Step 7:  Add the inside of her ears and some hair on the top of her head.

Step 8:  Add the extras, like whiskers and the slime behind her. Remember, she is a slug/rabbit,.. so furry and yet slimy!

Step 9:  Color Zany! Have fun with this. Makala originally made her striped. Can you come up with some other fun designs for Zany's sisters and brothers?

So, how did your Zany turn out? I would love to see some of your creations! Feel free to send some to me!


  1. I like that Zany has kind of an edgy, scraggly, look to him/her. It just brings out the monster in her!

  2. it was fun and it reminds me of bunnies.