Sunday, February 28, 2010

How to Draw: Quil!

It is time to learn how to draw Quil! This drawing lesson will also be a bit challenging, but I am sure you can do it! Quil is a quilt. He lies under and on the bed. He has many colors. He becomes a monster when the lights go out. Kids think he is a blanket, but when they pull him up, they scream. He is a great tickler! A special thanks to Daryn G. of Texas for such a creative monster!

The last monster we drew, Zany, had a lot of curves and fur. This one does not have many curves and is not furry. However, the pattern on Quil will provide some fun and challenge.

As usual, if you want to print this lesson as a pdf, click here.

So, let's draw Quil!
If you can draw these shapes:

Then you can draw Quil.

Step 1: Draw an upside down U for the top of Quil's head.

Step 2: Draw the bottom of Quil by making some curves that overlap.

Step 3: Create a wavy smile.

Step 4: Draw two circles for his eye.

Step 5: Very lightly draw crossing lines across his body. Keep the lines widely and evenly spaced.

Step 6: Fill in every other section with patterns. Look carefully at the picture below to figure how and where to draw the patterns. Your patterns for this quilt do not need to be just stripes. You can make some polka-dotted or swirly.  Just be sure to space them correctly.

Step 7: Fill in the remaining lines with patterns.

Step 8: Begin coloring in the patterns.

Step 9: Color in the remaining patterns.

Step 10:  Add the extras and finish coloring.

Have fun with Quil! Feel free to send me a picture of what you draw. I would love to see them!


  1. She's very pretty.

  2. She seriously looks like a quilt! I like that.

  3. I love the colors on her!