Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Town of MUB gets a New Name.

So many of the students that go to my website have helped me create a great town called MUB. Unfortunately, Monsters Under the Bed, is being used by another company, so I am not able to continue with the name MUB.  So, after some major thought and consideration over the holidays, I have decided to call the town Murb!

MURB stands for Monsters Under the Royal Bed. Here is the background story....
Late one night, tucked away in an oversized fluffy bed, little Princess Coralina, age 7, was sound asleep. She was awoken by a strange sound under her bed. It sounded like cheering and fireworks! Coralina was frightened and did not know what she should do. She was scared to think what might be living under her bed.

She decided to call her older brother, Prince Gavin, age 10. She yelled loudly and Gavin came funning in. “What is wrong, Cora?” he asked. Coralina’s nickname was Cora and her brother always called her that. So, Cora told him about the sounds she heard under her bed. He said, “I am sure there is nothing to worry about. Let’s take a look together.”

So, Cora got out of bed and she and Gavin crawled over to the side of the bed. “Oh my! I hear it too!” said Gavin, quite surprised. Now, he too was a little nervous, but would never let Cora know. As they slowly lifted up the bed skirts of Cora’s royal bed, a light shone out from under the bed!

They both gasped when they saw a tiny town! Then a creature no bigger than Cora’s thumb started walking towards them with a big smile. The creature had no arms, just two feet and two eyes and a very large smile. “Hi! I am Zizi,” said the creature. “I hope we did not wake you. We are having a celebration of the opening of our new town, Murb! We are a friendly town and would love to get to know our new neighbors better. Would you like to come meet the other Murbians?”

Zizi went on to tell Gavin and Cora more about the town of Murb and before long the three of them were laughing together and having a blast! From that day on, both Gavin and Cora visited Murb on a regular basis. They got to know all of the Murbians and found that these monsters under the royal bed were great fun and very helpful!
This story will be appearing as an abbreviated comic at the beginning of the MURB games. I hope this does not disappoint too many of the kids. Please, leave comments and let me know what you think of the change.


  1. How could this disappoint anybody? That's a great story and I luv it. I woudn't change it for anything!!

  2. Soccer StarJuly 8, 2010 at 4:26 PM
    How could this disappoint anybody? That's a great story and I luv it. I woudn't change it for anything!!