Sunday, January 10, 2010

How to Draw: Chubz

Ready to learn how to draw Chubz? You can either download the directions on this pdf, or you can follow along with the directions below.

Let's draw Chubz!

If you can draw these items:

You can draw Chubz!

1. Draw the circle shape for Chubz' body.

2. Draw his feet.

3. Draw his arms.

4. Draw his ears.

5. Draw Chubz' eyes.

6. Draw the rest of his face.

7. Add the extras.

8. Color Chubz.

And there you have Chubz! Great job!!


  1. idk but the pics dont want to appear on chubs website!

  2. This Monster, Chubz, is a great orange color and is very cute!

  3. I really like the stuffed Murb, Chubz, and I like that there's a place in Murb called Chubz Diner! The post that said that Chubz is cute and orange is also by me, Kenny Nace