Sunday, February 8, 2015

Artistic Interruptions of the Mind

Recently, there are have been a high number of things distracting me from what I was considering my most important goals. However, I am now looking at all of these distractions and thought that you might just be interested in seeing what I have been up to. So, over the next couple of weeks I will let you all take a glimpse at what is going on in my head!

I volunteer teaching art at a small local high school. The school has a fundraising auction every February. I also am a class parent for the junior class. So, combining all of those, I am going to end up contributing at least 5 projects for the auction. In this article, I will tell you about two of these beautiful projects.

The first project is a beautiful glass set that a group of art students painted. It comes with a carafe and four mason jars with lids and straws. The students created patterns  of dots and lines and swirls to make the glass look festive and ready for summer fun!

The next project was done by a group of international students from South Korea. We took a large batch of Ivory soap bars and started sculpting away. At first, it was just for practice and play and fun. But, as we continued on, I encouraged them to find a design they could all agree on so they could make a batch of soap for the auction. 

Their final decision was to make a batch of soap in the shape of Despicable Me Minions. They turned out great! Hopefully they will bring in some money for the fundraiser. I am not sure that I could actually use them because they are so cute!

I think both projects turned out fabulously! In a few days I will show you the other two, larger projects from my art class: a chess set, and a mahjong set!

Well now you know a couple of things that have been on my mind and plate, just wait to you see the rest! 

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