Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fun4theBrain - In the Works!

Hello everyone! It has been awhile since I have posted but wanted to let you all know what I have in the works for the site. I am going to try to create a weekly post letting you know what games, changes, or upgrades I have on the way for Maybe you will even get to see some sneak peeks of what is coming.

Before I start with the update, I will begin with an apology of sorts. I am extremely ADD and because of that, I constantly have new and great ideas floating in my head that distract me from my other great ideas that I have started. I love my ADD and try to write down all of my great ideas so that one day I can get back to them. So, if one week in the In the Works post I talk about doing one project, but switch to a different one the next week, I hope you can be forgiving. I love what I do, and when you do, it is hard to not keep dreaming and planning new things. Perhaps some day in the future, I will be able to afford to hire someone to take more of my ideas to completion. For now, it is just me and my daughter working on the site, so it may be a little chaotic, but that is how I work! :o)

OK... onto the update.

Currently I am working on additional games for Murb. I still have about 10 monsters that are going to be featured in upcoming games. The next game I have planned will feature five monsters: Sasha, Flibber Jibber, Goalie, Arabella, and Tessie, the two-headed teacher! This game will take place in the not-yet-built Elementary School. Here is the storyline:

The Murb Library is in the process of being built, but they do not yet have enough books to fill the shelves. So, the Tessie, the two-headed teacher, from the Murb Elementary School next door is organizing a huge fundraiser for the library. It is going to be a Monster Car Wash!! Tessie is planning the event, Sasha is in charge of marketing, and Flibber Jibber, Goalie, and Arabella, are in charge of washing the cars. And who knows which other monsters will be seen driving their cars into the Monster Car Wash!? We need to reach our goal for donations in order for the library to open, so, the better and faster the car is washed, the better the donations!

For this game, there is a lot of art work that needs to be done and quite a bit of coding. Soon you will see some of the sketches I have come up with for the school and library. By next week, I hope to have them completed, as well as be able to show you some of the sketches for the monster cars that will be getting washed!

Well, I will keep you posted on the game. I am also quite busy trying to figure how to get my games onto the iPad for the classrooms who will be using the iPads exclusively soon. That is a major undertaking!

I will write more later. :o)

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