Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to Draw: Arabella

I have tried to pick some of the monsters that are the simplest to draw. But, the time has come for the lessons to get a bit longer. The lessons will not be harder, just longer. I will still try to break down the drawings into simple steps. The first of these harder lessons is Arabella!

Arabella is an 18 inch monster. She is funny, creative, and everybody wants to be her friend. Her hobbies are cooking, swimming, and cuddling her stuffed bear. She is a very fast swimmer with all her arms and legs. Thanks Adrienne D, from Ontario, for this awesome monster!

How to Draw: Arabella PDF

 Step 1: Draw Arabella's face shape.

Step 2: Add in her pointy ears.

Step 3: Draw the top of Arabella's hair.

Step 4: Add in her horns.

Step 5: Use two lines to draw the beginning of her neck.

Step 6: Draw the back of her hair.

Step 7: Draw her eyes, nose and smile.

Step 8: Add in the extras for her face by making her teeth and the curves by her eyes.

Step 9: Add in her necklace and the top of her shirt.

Step 10: Draw the lines for her sleeves.

Step 11: Finish her shirt and belt.

Step 12: Draw Arabella's hands with curved lines.

Step 13: Draw the lines for her legs.

Step 14: Add in the cuff for her pants.

Step 15: Draw her feet and claws.

Step 16: Add her 6 pockets by drawing squares on her pants.

Step 17: Add buttons to her pockets.

Step 18: Color Arabella. You can make a fun design on her shirt too! Have fun!