Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to Draw: Wiggles!

It is time for another fun monster drawing exercise! This week's monster is WIGGLES! Wiggles is a wiggly monster. He works for the fire department. If someone is stuck up high or falls off of a building, he can just move his arms. When he wiggles his arms they grow and grow and grow!

Thanks to Matthew P. from New Jersey for this helpful and wiggly monster!

How to Draw Wiggles PDF version

Step 1: Draw Wiggles' wiggly head by drawing a circle with a very wiggly line!

Step 2: Add in his eyes, eyebrows and nose!

Step 3: Wiggles always wears a big smile!

Step 4: With wiggly lines, make up the sides of Wiggles' body.

Step 5: Make up the wiggly bottom of his body.

Step 6: To make his arm, draw a very wiggly line down and add a curve at the bottom to look like a hand.

Step 7: Two more wiggly lines make up his other arm.

Step 8:Add Wiggles' other hand by adding a few more curves.

Step 9: Draw the rim of Wiggles' fire department hat.

Step 10:Draw the top of Wiggles' hat with some lines that are more straight than wiggly!

Step 11: Color Wiggles.

I hope you had fun drawing Wiggles! He should be a great help around Murb!

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