Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Avatar of Importance??

On my website I have a contact form that generates easily upward of 30 emails a week. In the last few weeks several of these emails have been requesting a place to log-in the site and create an avatar. Most of those emails requested that the games give coins so they can purchase more things for their avatars and/or buy a house for their avatar.

While all of these options sound very cool, they are more than a little time-consuming. I do not want to make my site a "log-in required" website as I feel it would leave out many children who could enjoy the games. I have been debating, however, adding in a simple avatar/log-in. So many other sites, that are much larger than mine, are doing the avatar/house/money thing, that I figured it was overdone. But, considering the amount of emails I receive,... done or not, kids still want it!

If I were to do this, it would mean that on each page, there would be a section in the side bar that would have an avatar with a log-in. The child could create an avatar to look whatever way they would like, and then that character would greet them when they came to the site.

So, fairly soon, probably in May or June, I will be starting to implement this avatar creation process somewhere on the site. I am sure I will start with just having a face of a character. Then, if that is popular enough, I can slowly expand to their full body. I want my site to be able to offer the latest coolest thing for the kids that will not distract from their learning. So, maybe this will help keep the kids involved with the games.

It would be super cool to be able to make how many time you play the games add to the clothes that are available to you, but I do not believe that I am ready to take it to that level just yet. My site is a solo project and done with my passion for kids and education. Unfortunately, that passion does not come with money or time! lol

Thanks for reading this as I ramble on. So many thoughts are flooding into my head!!!

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  1. I am one of the very few kids who is not obsessed with avatars and stuff like that- but it's still a good idea, though.